Thursday, April 30, 2015

Energized Thursday

Good morning friends! 
It's beautiful this morning in Michigan.
It's only 8:00 and I'm already feeling very motivated and happy. 
Yesterday was a good day.
School was school, always draining but I definitely push thru :)
I had a very tough workout at track practice. Did almost a half a mile of lunges and frog jumps, 300, & 200 repeates, push ups, and bear crawls. 
It was interesting! But good, because I'm soar today (I love being soar).
It was ice bath Wednesday also! Stayed in for about 10 minutes to help recover my muscles after the tough workout. 
It was holy cold! It was awful the first 3 minutes but at the end I just couldn't feel my legs anymore.
I picked up my dress that was altered for prom and it fits pretty good! It is a beautiful yellow with lace. Can't wait for you guys to see it :)
Dinner was so good last night. 
Chicken kabobs, the healthy way! 
I was in heaven every second! 

First you want to get 3 sweet peppers ( I like to get all different colors) and onion, and chicken, and probably some skewers (if you don't have any now) 

Then I cut up the chicken into cubes, enough that it will fit on my skewer and not fall off. I did the same thing with the peppers and onion. Then I decided why not grill asparagus also?!?! Look at all the beautiful colors :)
I placed them horizontal on my grill (as do the asparagus so they don't fall through the cracks) and started cookin away!
I didn't want the grill to be too hot so they don't burn. 
And only 45 minutes later they were done! It was so good and flavorful 
I ended up even throwing a little salad on there with a little bit of mozzarella and turkey bacon. 

The food was so good I almost went for seconds, but I thought why not use these as left overs? 

I didn't go to Plyo yesterday because I took a ice bath before and didn't want to hurt my muscles. 
Today holds a pretty good day and I've got a few recipes in mind, so stay tuned ;)


- Fitness Layne 

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