Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Interesting day ahead

Hello friends! Today it is suppose to be a beautiful sunny day in Michigan!
I have a track meet today which should be interesting because I woke up feeling really sick. (I hate being sick!)
Michigan weather is always crazy.
One day if can be 32 and snowing, and the next day it could be 65-70 and sunny. 
You never know what the weather will be like here. I think that is why I'm sick because of this stupid weather changing on me, over and over.
I'm hoping today goes by fast because I have plyometrics to do tomorrow and I miss lifting so much! 
Lastnight I made healthy tacos which were let me just say-- AMAZING!

Wheat tortillas 
And honey mustard!
This was really exciting for me because all day I was wondering what I could use with my chicken, and this perfect combination came to me! 
The honey mustard gives it a sweet yet tangy taste! 
If you have any suggestions on the tacos I would love some feedback ;)
I also topped my night off with a turkey burger and Halo Top ice cream! 
I was so excited when I seen this in stores because I have been following this company through social media for a while and I had no clue it was only a block away! 
Man was this good and I had no shame!
But I promise I didn't eat the whole pint ;)

I'm looking for some more healthy recipes and researching today so I can figuring out more things to do with my meals. 
I would also love to try a healthy cookie recipe! 
Do you have any suggestions? 

I'll be back today with some more love! 
Stay tuned! 

- Fitness Layne 

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