Monday, April 27, 2015

Welcome to my healthy life!

Starting this blog is very exciting for me! I am very passionate and motivated with healthy food and fitness. This is a reason why i'm excited to share this part of my life with you!
New recipies every week to fit your taste buds, as well as posting everynight (ill try my best, atleast lol) my meals and different ways to take care of yourself (eating, skin care, mentally, and physically).
Being healthy is something that has made me happy as i started incoruperating this into my life.
Not only am I taking care of myself and my body is thanking me for it, but it is making me happy and even effecting OTHER PEOPLE'S lives.
I'm only 17 yeards old (18 in November), it's my time to start creating my future by putting my happy and healthy life out there!
Now it is time to learn a little more about me.
Im 17 years old, born and raised in the mitten state! (meaning the cold michigan area).
I started with travel soccer in my younger years and current do and run track.
Lifting heavy and eating healthy is more my passion then anything, this keeps me going and keeps me happy and excited for my future.
My mom is named Amey, and my dad is named Scott. I have a twin sister named Hannah and a brother named Seth! Ronnie, my boyfriend that I've been with for 4 years one of the most amazing people in my life!
These names are important, the people around me are a big factor in my life, so take notes!
I have a horse named Mitch, 2 dogs (border collie's) named Hazel and Sophia and a little guinea pig named Webster! I have my own little zoo.
I work right now at Tropical Smoothie which is a blast!
Although i am very excited for my future when i'll be able to educated others about the importance of health and hopefully help others with clean eating.
There is so much more that has to do with my crazy life but it is time to sign off!
Ill be back tomorrow with the start of my healthy blog-- stay tuned! :)
- Fitness Layne

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